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Custom Arbors, Arches and Pergolas



We specialize in the creation of design elements for your yard that complement and enhance the style of your home and create a look to capture your personal vision.  Arbors, arches and pergolas are among the elements we use to do this.  Quite often, it is one of our custom cedar fence designs that defines the edges of our customers yards and these additional elements enhance and complement the look that has been achieved.  For example, these elements are often used to create an inviting personal entrance into your outdoor environment, with or without an operating gate.


An arbor is a relatively open structure that encourages plant growth.  As such, it can be an integral element of a garden setting.  It can also be used to frame things like picture windows, giving a look from the inside that hints of the treasures to be found further out in the yard.  Very often, vine-covered arbors are used to complement an arched or covered opening to the yard.


Arches are usually used to present the image of an opening to a space beyond.  Sometimes these arches do act as entrances to your space, but sometimes they are used to give an image of an entrance into an imagined space.  Your inspiration for such designs may come from magazines and design books, from projects taken on by your neighbors, from some of our previous customers ideas or from the recesses of your own imagination.


A pergola is an overhead open structure, with various degrees of ability to limit direct sunlight.  Pergolas have several functions and their differences are largely one of scale.    Small Pergolas can be used the same as entrance archways – often complemented with an arbor.  Larger arbors are usually stand-alone structures that shade patios and decks.


Categories of Arbors, Arches and Pergolas


As is the case with all the other products we produce, there are three categories of products available in the local market for arbors, arches and pergolas.  These categories are Basic, Custom and Premium.


Basic -                         The components used in basic installations are all pre-fabricated, often from non durable materials like pine.  They are usually what would be considered “temporary structures”, because they have no true foundations.  We have no such products in our product line, because we use elements like these in conjunction with fences warranted for ten years and designed to last for 30 years.  Our structures are much more “permanent” in character.


Custom/Premium          Our work is all in these two categories.  The basic difference in the two categories is a matter of material selection and degree of handcrafted customization. The top end of the custom line is cedar, which is a 30 year product.  Exotic woods, such as Barazilian Teakwood, would take you into the premium price range.  These products all have foundations set in concrete approximately 40” deep.


Pricing – unlike the other product categories, it is very difficult to give you a good way to price these products, because of the number of variables involved.  Also, these are normally provided for customers at an extremely favorable price as parts of large fence jobs.  Quoting them separately can be done, but will carry a mobilization minimum that is avoided when we are already on site.  When perusing the GALLERY, there are prices listed for what these projects cost as parts of larger jobs – to give you a ballpark idea.





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