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Custom Cedar Gates, Including Price Guidelines



As is the case with cedar fences, cedar gates can be classified in the 3 categories of basic installations, custom installations and premium installations. The majority of our work is in the custom category – and over 90% are custom fabricated as an integral part of a total fencing project.  Gates are the most labor intensive part of any fencing project.


Wooden gates sag over time – all of them.  At Custom Cedar Fences we cross-brace gates to assure minimum sag and provide adjustable hardware to recalibrate the latching hardware.  In the case of our custom framed designs the bracing is inside the gate, so it is not visible from either side. This is possible because the gates are 3.5” thick and have facing on both sides. Our standard latching hardware is heavy duty, adjustable and lockable from the inside. Features such as auto-closing and specialized hardware are available.  Hardware color selections come in a variety of shades of black – only kidding – we’ll paint them any color you want – or install custom hardware that you specify.


When gates are over 4 feet wide, we highly recommend double gates to prevent excessive cantilevered weight. We also make sure that the posts on which the gates are hung are sufficiently anchored to prevent leaning due to the weight of the gate.  Gate posts are set deeper than fence posts, with more concrete – and gates are never hung from corner posts, where they would cause the posts to lean.


Basic Installations –      use pre-fabricated, commercially available products that are assembled on site, often with no modifications whatsoever.  Typically, pre-fabricated panels are modified with bracing and framing to form the basis for a gate.  The differences that we provide in this category include:


Cross-Bracing vs angle bracing, which compensates for wood shrinkage as well as for over-hung loads.


Superior post anchoring (depth, concrete and bracing adjacent fence sections)


Fully adjustable latching hardware


Custom modification where appropriate


PRICING -      Basic gate installations are about twice the cost per foot as the fence style they are made from, when included as part of a fence installation. A premium applies when only a gate is contracted.


Custom Installs -           These gates are all made from lumber cut to fit on site, with the exception of purchased standard lattice or custom-built lattice requiring shop work. The majority of our gate work fits in this category. Other than the single one-sided design that we produce in the custom category, all of our custom gates look identical from the inside or the outside. The differences that we provide in this category include:


Superior durability due to the centering, framing, cross-bracing and integral structuring of our designs


Hiding all bracing structure inside the gate – enhancing the beauty from both sides of the gate


Custom widths and configurations for each application to meet your requirements


Design practices that ensures not only the rigidity of the gate, but eliminates the possibility of the gate causing mounting posts to lean


PRICING -      Custom gate installations run 3 to 4 times the cost per foot as the fence style they are made from, when included as part of a fence installation. A premium applies when only a gate is contracted.


Premium Installs -         These are basically custom designs that add costs due to such things as exotic woods (like brazilian teak) and hand-crafting.  We will always suggest the most cost-effective ways to get what you are looking for, but some items simply cost more in materials and labor.  All of our standard features are still there, of course. We do our best to bring the costs of premium installs into the custom installs category.


PRICING -      The 3 to 4 times more per foot than the basic fence rule is probably overstated for expensive materials like teakwood, because all the other components of the gate are not necessarily more expensive.  2 to 3 times more per foot when exotic woods are specified is probably more accurate.


                        The potential for large variations in costs exists most in this category, where you may choose to specify something truly rare or extremely labor intensive to design or fabricate.





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