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Fence Repair Services from Custom Cedar Fences


Custom Cedar Fences is a full service designer and builder of the finest cedar fences available in Michigan.  Our products are designed to last 30 years and warranted for a full 10 years.


We are well aware that economics may be pushing many potential customers from purchasing new fences to attempting to get a few more years out of a fence in decline.  We have expanded our offerings in the last few years to offer cost-effective ways to do precisely that – to offer potential clients an alternative that allows them to get a new fence when they are ready. 


Our thinking on this is quite basic – We offer clients a cost-effective short-term solution so that when it comes time to purchase new, they’ll give us a chance to show them the real value of one of our 30 year designs.  We cannot make your existing fence into something that it is not, but we can give it a few more breaths so you have time to plan for a product with more value. (it also doesn’t hurt for you to know that our customers tell us that our designs are beautiful and show true craftsmanship)


There are two basic ways to repair a fence with structural problems, post replacement and post supplementing. 


Post replacement involves the labor necessary to remove the old posts, often set in concrete, and to re-hang the fence on the new posts in the same location they were originally.  This is the kind of repair necessary when fence sections have blown down, breaking posts in the process.


Post supplementing adds extra posts to a fence that is still standing.  It adds these “supplemental posts” between the locations of existing fence posts.  It is all right that some of the original posts are broken.  The new posts provide the support required to keep the fence standing for several more years.


A comprehensive fix to extend the life of a fence that has had a section or sections blow down is a combination of the two repair types.  This means that fence posts would be replaced in areas where the fence has blown down and supplemental posts would be added in areas where the fence is still standing and likely to incur future wind damage.


Pricing -           The more costly of the two types of repairs is the replacement of posts, because of the necessity to dig the old post remains out and to get the new posts in the same location as the old posts.  The cost also depends on the material selected for the posts.  Pressure treated posts are the most economical, but you may decide that you want cedar or some other matching decorative post. The repair may not be exclusively confined to post repair, because other boards may require replacing.  In general, you can expect to pay about $25 more per post for replacements from Custom Cedar Fences than you would for supplements.


                        Supplementary posts are easier to install, since there is no need to remove the old post and the location is not as precise as a replacement.  The same factors listed above can affect pricing, but in general supplemental post pricing starts at about $40 per post from Custom Cedar Fences.


                        The other factor affecting pricing is the number of posts involved.  The figures sited above are for quantities of scale that are reached at about 10 posts.  At 5 posts, for example, the price for supplemental posts from Custom Cedar Fences would be more like $60 per post.

                        The figures above are not to be considered a formal quotation.  A quotation           requires a free on-site consultation, where all your requirements are taken into account.  Assuming the figures above place us in your budget range, please feel free to contact us for a free quotation. 


Our highly skilled artisans would be pleased to help you get that fence back in reasonable shape, looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible.





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